Megan Randall

Ceramic Artist, Maker, Researcher


I am a contemporary ceramic artist; my work makes use of porcelain alongside other less traditional materials and found objects. The process of working on the wheel is repetitive this gives pieces a rhythm and flow. The thrown vessels that are produced make a reference to the preconceived social notions of the form. My work documents the destruction of the work and questions it.

My current work is voyeuristic. It examines people's reactions to site sensitive installations and fine art objects. Not recording the people but the impact that they leave behind. Entropy is the theme of my work; how both people and nature have reactions to and on specific places. In the process of my work I relinquish control, instead of having a predetermined outcome of how the work will be received. I do not mind if the work is stolen, destroyed or rearranged just as long as it is treated with the same passion used to create it. The small, functionless porcelain vessels which I produce to fill these empty spaces convey the idea of abandonment.